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Projections - CD

Pop some popcorn, dim the lights, snuggle close, and put on Jim McDonough's CD of often-requested romantic movie themes entitled Projections: Songs from the Silver Screen. This beautiful album includes Jim's solo piano interpretations of fourteen of the most popular – and memorable – movie themes.

Projections - CD

  • 1) Can You Read My Mind? (Superman)

    2) Through the Eyes of Love (Ice Castles)

    3) As Time Goes By (Casablanca)

    4) Evergreen (A Star is Born)

    5) An Affair to Remember (Theme)

    6) Arthur’s Theme (Arthur)

    7) My Own True Love / Tara's Theme (Gone with the Wind)

    8) Terms of Endearment (Theme)

    9) On Golden Pond (Theme)

    10) Brian’s Song (Theme)

    11) The Summer Knows (Summer of '42)

    12) St. Elmo's Fire (Theme)

    13) A Time for Us (Romeo and Juliet)

    14) The Way We Were (Theme)

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